Individual Explainer Videos

Individual Explainer Videos, for any kind of business and services. Designed to tell the history from your company and your products.

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I create for you

Explainer Video

Getting to the point of complex topics, products or services.


Communicate knowledge clearly, understandably and sustainably - also interactively.

Image Video

Image enhancing presentation of your company that stays in the mind.

Video Marketing

I develop strategies and increase brand awareness, visitors, sales figures & more.

3D Animation

Photorealistic 3D Productvisualisation


I tell stories that inspire. What is the story behind your brand?

Tell your story with a suitable video

You don’t want to waste any more time and bore your customers with too much text information? Then the time has come when we have to talk in detail about your very individual explainer video. You get a video from me, that your customers love to watch, because such a video doesn’t feel like marketing. The possibilities are almost unlimited, and in addition to all the graphics and royalty free background music, you also get a professional voice over.

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