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Your expertise on social media is a must have!

If you really want to boost your trust and that other people perceive you as an expert, you have to show your expertise in the form of free value content. We live in a time when it is absolutely important to show what you can. Diplomas and all these kinds of printed things are looking nice on a wall. But these things say nothing about your skills. Do you think that anyone cares that you was the best in your class in high school, but in your industry you cannot be found among your competition?
Others are good in life
In this Time, your Potential Clients want to see what you can. They want to see that you are the one who is wanted, you are the one who will do this job In times of Social Media, YouTube, Instagram etc. It was never easier to show your expertise in form of free value content. And if you’re not there, the people will ask why not? Don’t worry you don’t must show your private life there. You don’t have to show your possessions or what you seem to have achieved… Nobody cares! What your potential customers want is, what is their advantage if they decide to work with you and are you able to bring them to their goal.

Content is king

With free value content you already build trust,  it’s like a warm up between you and your potential customer. Free value content answers many questions automatically before, and the first consultation with your potential client starts on a different base because they already know your skills.
We’re living in an age of information. The people want to inform before they buy something, or before they order any service. If you have no information online, it’s much harder to find you, and it is also harder to trust you.

Show to the world who you are

With value content you always can turn people from your audience into paid clients. Maybe not immediately, but long term. These people will always come back to you because the trust you. I already have a YouTube channel where I give tips on game development, and now I decide to start another channel where I show my expertise as a graphic designer and give value in tutorials.

My new YouTube channel is now online and in the first 2 weeks I will upload nonstop every day 1 video tutorial. And after that i will upload weekly new content.

If you’re interested in tutorials and workflows how to make 2d and 3d assets for video games and other interesting and helpful stuff about graphic design, you can now subscribe to my channel and you will never miss anything.

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