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Individual iOS 14 app icons for your iPhone homescreen

With the brandnew iOS 14 update comes the possibility to use individual app icons for your iPhone homescreen.And for me as a graphic designer, it was the right moment to start creating my own stylish app icons.Forget the simple apple app icons everybody knows and everybody use.Now it’s the time for something new.Change them for every mood if you’re happy, sad, on holidays, for christmas times, eastern, halloween or what ever.

The app icon packs are available in different styles and icon sizes.The icon size how it shows on your homescreen is uniform.You can change them only in the settings from your iphone.

And every icon pack comes with a cool background image, that suits the style from your icons.

When using an individual icon pack, your homescreen is looking very clean and it doesn’t shows any notification badges on yur homescreen ( maybe apple change this with an upcoming update in future ).

Use the shortcuts

If you wanna use individual app icons, you have to use the shortcuts, and before you order any icon pack you can try it out how it works with using shortcuts:



  1. Open the shortcutsapp
  2. Add a new shortcut
  3. Click on the “add action” button
  4. Click on the scripting button
  5. Click the “open app” button
  6. Choose the app you want to customize
  7. Click on the ellipsis button
  8. Click the “add to homescreen” button
  9. Choose a name and then tap on the icon
  10. Click on the choose foto button
  11. Choose your icon and hit “add”
  12. Finally you find your individual app with icon on your homescreen.

The instructions with pictures you can also find them here.

Get yours now

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